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Entertainment Law

Contracts are binding - We make sure they work to your advantage.

We help individuals and companies involved in the widely diverse areas of the entertainment industry - film, radio, television, news, radio music, publishing, theater, digital and multimedia. Our clients are actors, playwrights, comedians, models, composers, musicians, engineers, production companies, distributors, broadcasters, media companies and more.

Each entertainment area has its own complex and special requirements. We handle negotiations, draft contracts and agreements; handle trademarks and copyright issues and more, with services targeted to the needs of each area:

Transactional Services


  • Agreements and contracts with stage talent and technical crew
  • Employee contracts
  • Agreements with production studios, networks and distributors
  • Licensing arrangements
  • Image and music use agreements
  • Trademarks and copyrights
  • Space and equipment rentals and cost negotiations
  • License, assignment and royalty agreements
  • Retransmission consent and distribution agreements with internet companies, cable, satellite, and wireless operators

Film and Motion Pictures

  • Financial backing arrangements
  • Studio contracts
  • Contracts with stars and acting talent
  • Employee contracts
  • Distribution agreements
  • File suit over pirated film
  • Production liability issues
  • Merchandising and product placement arrangements
  • Copyright and trademark issues
  • Literary and screenplay rights


  • Contracts with talent and crew
  • Rental agreement
  • Co-production negotiations and agreements
  • Producer agreements and contracts
  • Production liability issues
  • Ticket sale agreements
  • Intellectual property rights (including copyright, trademark infringement, and disputes)

Digital Media

  • Development agreements
  • Distribution agreements – electronic sell-through (EST) digital downloads etc.
  • Intellectual property rights (including copyright, trademark infringement, and disputes)

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