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As music industry experts, we focus on helping those who create
achieve fair and profitable relationships with essential avenues to success.

Targeted and experienced legal advice is an indispensable part of success in the music industry. We are here to help singers, rappers, songwriters, composers, solo artists, bands, band members, with the wide range of professionals and service industries that are essential avenues to success.

Transactional services

We draft, review and negotiate contracts and agreements to make sure they are legal and fair, including:

  • Contracts with record labels, managers, agents, concert promoters and concert producers, music video producers, radio stations
  • Marketing and merchandizing deals
  • Tour crew agreements
  • Music licensing arrangements
  • Royalty agreements
  • Recording studio rentals
  • Copyright and Trademark issues, ensuring protection from illegal use of a copyrighted song
  • Recording, CD and Music Video production and management agreements

We help you maintain relationships with studios, record labels and influential professionals and keep current on deals being made throughout the industry. Our savvy allows us to quickly close the best deals for our clients.

For beginners in the music business
we are here to teach

We help musicians who are new to the industry understand how the business works:

  • Unraveling the mysterious language of contracts, analyzing and clarifying which types of contracts are best for our clients’ particular needs;
  • Identifying pitfalls in business deals
  • Clarifying musicians’ rights as performers
  • Providing expert guidance in finding managers, agents, accountants and other essential music business contacts
  • Assisting new recording artists with financial or real estate decisions



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