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US patent grants a property rights to inventors including the right
to exclude others from making, using or offering the invention for sale.

  • The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issues new patents for the term of 20 years from the date on which the application for the patent was filed.

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By applying for and gaining a Registered Trademark you will be serving notice on
would-be counterfeiters and unfair competitors of the serious intent
of your business to define, establish and defend its position in the marketplace.

Trademarks help to encourage the initiatives of skilled and enterprising people by providing a system of protection under which they can produce and market their goods and services and rewarding them with brand recognition and financial profits.

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The United States Copyright Act protects rights of authorship
of original tangible creations, ensuring artists, writers, musicians,
designers and architects exclusive dominion over their works.

Copyrights are applicable to literary works such as novels, non-fiction books, poetry, and online copy, dramatic works such as plays and motion pictures, choreography and pantomimes, musical works such as songs, orchestral and instrumental compositions and sound recordings, visual art such as paintings, drawings, sculpture, graphic images and photographs. The Copyright Act also protects computer software designs, and architecture.

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Commercial Litigation

Business disputes present extremely difficult and serious challenges
It takes sophisticated understanding of the many areas of commercial
litigation to navigate the range and depth of complexities involved.

As experienced business litigation attorneys, we have the flexibility to act as arbitrators with a view toward efficient cost-effective and advantageous resolution. When a matter must go to trial, we provide business clients of all types and sizes with skillful representation in both state and federal courts.

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Licensing & Agreements

A properly structured agreement is of paramount importance for any individual
or company planning to place their intellectual property on the market.

Intellectual property matters require sound legal guidance in negotiating agreements and contracts, preparing copyrights, trademarks, patents, non-disclosure documents and other protective legal measures. The importance of putting the proper structures in place and arriving at effective and favorable agreements cannot be overstated both for the immediate future and for the long term.

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Entity Formation and Consulting

Every business is unique. An experienced business formation attorney
knows how to clarify the many options and offer expert guidance in selecting
the entity type that best suites your business situation and goals.

Whether you are starting a new business, or making significant changes to an existing one, the first step is to decide on the most appropriate form for the entity you will create. Since no two businesses are completely alike, it is important to work with a professional who can analyze your situation and goals, and help you choose the business form that best fits your expectations. As business attorneys we counsel on the formation of business of all types and sizes, and advise our clients with regard to ownership, operations, liability handling, tax reporting and other concerns.

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Corporate Housekeeping

Whether you are a newly formed or an established corporation,
your business is an entity governed by rules.

You are responsible to maintain the corporate formalities and to follow a pattern of conduct established by the laws of the state in which your corporation resides. It is understandable that corporations, no matter what their industry, limit their legal activities and expenditures to the day-to-day requirements of bringing in business, taking care of their customers and paying employees. Newly formed entities especially, with their central focus on the process of business building frequently put aside many necessary administrative tasks.

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Contracts and Negotiations

A well-designed contract acts to ensure that transactions between parties
run smoothly and result in a “win” for all involved.

Contracts are agreements between two or more parties that specify the terms and considerations under which the parties will conduct business together. It is essential that your interests be understood, protected and clearly incorporated into any contract you enter into, whether as an individual or as a business. A properly drafted contract is binding and will affect your life or the life of your company for as long as the terms of the contract apply. Therefore, it is essential that your contract negotiations and preparation be handled by a fully experienced professional.

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