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Corporate Housekeeping

Whether you are a newly formed or an established corporation,
your business is an entity governed by rules.

You are responsible to maintain the corporate formalities and to follow a pattern of conduct established by the laws of the state in which your corporation resides. It is understandable that corporations, no matter what their industry, limit their legal activities and expenditures to the day-to-day requirements of bringing in business, taking care of their customers and paying employees. Newly formed entities especially, with their central focus on the process of business building frequently put aside many necessary administrative tasks.

But it often happens that business as usual is met with an extraordinary event; a new challenge such as an acquisition offer, a prospective new investor, or a need to restructure for tax purposes. At this point a corporation must suddenly devote its resources to expensive legal cleanup.

The cost of legal corporate housekeeping on an ongoing basis is far less than the expense and stress of playing catch-up in the face of a sudden emergency. As business attorneys we know how to care for the health of your corporation so it runs smoothly all year round. By ensuring that your company is up-to-date with required meetings, that your minutes are properly recorded that your structure is solid and your documentation in place, we make it easy for your company to handle new opportunities or challenges that present themselves, and to meet any emergencies that might occur.

Important housekeeping tasks that we oversee on an ongoing basis include:

  • Signing and filing of corporate formation documents
  • Issuing share certificates as required by the company’s bylaws
  • Holding annual shareholder meetings
  • Holding regular board of directors meetings
  • Issue stock
  • Documenting shareholder loans
  • Making sure that each employee signs a Proprietary Information and Invention Assignment Agreement
  • Prepare minutes of meetings
  • Preparing financial reports as specified by the bylaws or a shareholder rights agreement
  • Conducting annual corporate meetings
  • Overseeing the election of officers and directors


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