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Visual Arts

Artistic success is a blend of essentials – Talent, Imagination, Execution, Audience.
We make sure you achieve the fifth essential - Profits

As pioneers in the field of Art Law, we share your passion. We love to look at your paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations, outdoor arts, and conceptual pieces. We know you love to do the work – we love making sure they bring you financial rewards.

Transactional Services

We help Fine Artists with a wide range of legal matters including:

  • Artist/Gallery Contracts
  • Artist/Museum Contracts
  • Expense Contracts
  • Exhibition Agreements
  • Consignment Agreements
  • Payment Plan Agreements
  • Rental/Purchase Agreement
  • Commission Agreements
  • Model Releases
  • Property Releases
  • Reproduction/Copyright & Trademark issues
  • Licensing Agreements



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