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Practice Areas

International Law

The world doesn’t stop at our nation’s borders
We help companies do business all around the globe

We work with many different types of commercial and professional players on the global stage. Whether you import fabric from Holland to Ghana, have your goods produced in China, own an art gallery in Beijing and sell in New York City we provide expert representation in all types of international business matters.

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Business Law

A law firm with a special emphasis in the field of business law is an essential part
of smooth business operation. We counsel companies through proper entity formation,
daily operations matters, expansion, restructuring and more..

Entity Formation

Whether you are starting a new business or expanding your existing one, it’s important that you choose the right structure of operation. Based on your company’s needs and goals we advise on the most viable and advantageous type of business entity. We take you through the entire process of business formation with emphasis on making sure you understand every step of the way.

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Science and Technology

For those who deal with today’s technology and the mysteries of life
we help you unravel the mysteries of law.

Bio technology, nano technology, medical research, the complexities of the internet – all hot issues with great potential and great risk. Nzengha Waseme and her team have first-hand knowledge of the world of science and our passion for it has never waned. Having worked closely with scientists in laboratory settings, we have an intimate understanding of the legal issues facing the registration, protection and marketing of discoveries and inventions and the protection of online content. We are committed to helping both individuals and businesses achieve their investigative, creative and financial goals. Our services focus strongly on intellectual property concerns and include regulatory issues, business formation and maintenance, taxes and litigation.

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Book Contracts

We make sure your writing profits are not gone with the wind.

We work with authors, journalists, book and magazine publishers, literary agents, editors, and others in the publishing industry to secure equitable pre- and post-publication income, royalties, copyright protection and more.

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Fashion Industry

It’s sleek, it sizzles, it moves, it glows with stars, its signature is passion,
It’s everywhere you look…
But its filled with risks, pitfalls, and mazes – we are here to see you safely through

We understand the sophistication and the complexity of today’s national and global fashion scene.

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Visual Arts

Artistic success is a blend of essentials – Talent, Imagination, Execution, Audience.
We make sure you achieve the fifth essential - Profits

As pioneers in the field of Art Law, we share your passion. We love to look at your paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations, outdoor arts, and conceptual pieces. We know you love to do the work – we love making sure they bring you financial rewards.

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Entertainment Law

Contracts are binding - We make sure they work to your advantage.

We help individuals and companies involved in the widely diverse areas of the entertainment industry - film, radio, television, news, radio music, publishing, theater, digital and multimedia. Our clients are actors, playwrights, comedians, models, composers, musicians, engineers, production companies, distributors, broadcasters, media companies and more.

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As music industry experts, we focus on helping those who create
achieve fair and profitable relationships with essential avenues to success.

Targeted and experienced legal advice is an indispensable part of success in the music industry. We are here to help singers, rappers, songwriters, composers, solo artists, bands, band members, with the wide range of professionals and service industries that are essential avenues to success.

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