Nusaiba Jackson

Nusaiba is our staff musician. Her intimate knowledge of the language and concerns of the music world is invaluable to our music clients for whom she acts as special advocate. She is herself a songstress and producer. Her debut album, “Legacy: The Album” was re-released in July of 2007 and her second album, “Nu LEGACY: ReBirth of the Nu Light” was released in November 2012.

Nusaiba’s professional understanding enables her to keep abreast of every artist’s ongoing needs. In this way, she ensures that our music clients keep attorneys “in the loop” so that the details of every contract can be reviewed in a timely manner, preventing any need for litigation in the future.

Acting as a continuous liaison with our music clients, she oversees each artist’s registration with ASCAP or AFM. When musicians receive offers to perform or produce albums, she discusses these offers with them. She helps our artists deal with production and distribution companies, recording studios, agents, venues and sponsors. When entities come together for the purpose of creating an event, she works with attorneys and the entities involved to see that the joint venture is properly formed, and that all parties are acting in unison while also ensuring that all the entities are legitimate businesses.

Our music clients count on Nusaiba’s alert supervision to see that their recordings and performances run smoothly and that all their rights are protected.

Feel free to visit her website at

Any questions or comments, contact Nusaiba at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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