Nzengha Waseme, Esq.

Nzengha Waseme is an accomplished attorney with a strong background in business law, contracts and litigation. She is set apart, not only by her name, sometimes referred to as Zenga or Z, but also by the unusual path she took in establishing herself in her legal career. Her first passion was in the area of science and she obtained a BS in the challenging field of Biochemistry. While pursuing her Masters degree in Environmental Toxicology she served as an Environmental Lobbyist and Legislative Liaison with the Illinois Environmental Control Board, it was at this time that her love for science met the world of “policy.”  She discovered that, rather than be confined to a lab, she could affect change in a career that married the two.

Working with scientists, Ms. Waseme learned that many were not properly patenting their work and consequently not receiving royalties.  This troubled her.  While in law school, serving as assistant to General Counsel for the Michigan Federation, she saw a similar pattern among non-profit organizations and businesses. Further research revealed the same problem among inventors and innovators, including actors, writers and recording artists. These observations and the kinship she feels with creative people – being one herself – defined her own particular direction as an attorney.

After law school, Ms. Waseme landed a position as associate with a boutique law firm in the New York City financial district.  In this capacity, she provided advisement to businesses such as art galleries, Broadway and off Broadway production companies, and many others.  In additional to business consultations, she also handled commercial litigation for these same clients, from inception to appeal.  Over time, Ms. Waseme began to utilize her skills in the firm’s transactional law area, handling trademark infringement cases as well as assisting the senior attorney who represented the likes of B. B. King and other legendary icons.

In 2007, Ms. Waseme took the leap to manifest her dream, owning a business with the sole purpose of protecting and fertilizing dream seeds. Her central mission is to act as a conscientious legal advisor and advocate for entrepreneurs and emerging businesses across all industries, but particularly, in the worlds of music, entertainment, the visual arts, publishing, science and technology.  She is often heard saying “Your passion is my passion.  Anyway I can help someone reach that next goal, I’m there.  That’s what feeds my soul.”

In her life outside of the firm, Ms. Waseme finds fulfilment serving on the boards of community organizations such as Bedstuy Legal Services Corp., and others that provide legal services for low-income families, domestic violence shelters as well as assist in rescuing girls from sex trafficking.  Ms. Wasmeem also serves on the advisory committee of World of Money, an organization with the sole purpose of teaching entrepreneurship, wealth-building and financial literacy to youth in the metro area.

After years spent guiding budding authors, Ms. Waseme is currently flexing her writing muscle by co-authoring a book with her pre-teen daughter, Malala, as well as working on a book for the Chicken Soup Series.

There’s a lot going on at Waseme Associates collectively as well as individual lives of our Team.  Click through our site.  Read all about our amazing Team and the outstanding talent and experience each of us brings to the table.  You will find that Waseme Associates has a wealth of resources to offer emerging businesses and entrepreneurs just like you.

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